We are Itinerating Now!

2018 is here… and after a 6 year term serving first in Spain, then with Network 211….  we are back on the road to raise funds for our 2nd term!  Usually a missionary’s first term is 3 years…. however, God sustained us through for a super long first term!  Seeing how there were lots of unexpected twists and turns in our journey – this was such a blessing!

Now- the time has come for us to raise financial support again in order to continue our ministry to the nations of the world!

We are currently booking services to travel and share about  how God is redeeming technology in these last days so that ALL MAY HEAR!

Please pray about having our family come visit your church and share about the AMAZING ways God is showing up to unreached people groups, how they are searching for truth online, and how our team is there to drive them to our sites that give a full gospel presentation of WHO JESUS IS!  And not only that, but how our team is set up to follow up with discipleship connections with those people so that they are not just a number, but a seed planted in good soil, watered, and cared for!  It has been such a phenomenal God given concept!   God is beautifully redeeming technology to see the LOST come to Jesus in their search for TRUTH and HOPE!